• 100% Merino wool (23-microns)
  • Merino is the world’s finest wool and it is extremely soft
  • Material is tested according to Oeko - Tex Standard 100
  • The material complies with the EN71 standard, which means that it is suitable for contact with children's skin
  • Anti-allergenic material
  • 4-season material
  • Natural insulation material - regulates body temperature (warms in winter, cools in summer)
  • It has no odor and does not absorb body odors
  • Static resistant
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Skin friendly colors
  • Very durable
  • It has the ability to self-clean
  • Regular ventilation and manual removal of stains with cold water is sufficient for cleaning
  • Please keep in mind that this is gentle product, made from natural material and in the beginning it can shed
  • Easy closing / opening of the bag with the help of presses
  • For a standard stroller size, choose a size of 40 x 75 cm
  • For twin strollers, 30 x 75 cm

Sleepy Winter Bag

€119.00 Regular Price
€89.25Sale Price
  • The beautifully hand-woven Sleepy winter bag is made of a top-quality natural material - 100% Merino wool, which is one of the most functional natural insulation materials, providing both heat on cold days and regulating body temperature on hot days.


    Merino wool is anti-allergen, tested according to Oeko - Tex Standard 100 and suitable for contact with children's skin. The material is all-natural (and often organic), and pure wool that’s chemical free and do not causes allergic reactions. It has even been proven to help improve skin allergies and respiratory problems.


    Merino wool has a small micron diameter, which makes it incredibly soft regardless of years of use. Wool is absorbent, resistant to natural odors, resistant to clamminess, and comfortable.


    Each blanket is handmade in Slovenia.


    Although the blanket is very durable, handle it gently and carefully.


    Merino is an environmentally friendly product.


    Sleepy winter bag is available in several colors. Take a look at our color palette and choose your favorite color. If you want a product in any other color or shade, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you!


    The product is the perfect gift for new moms, who will surely be happy to make their baby feel comfortable and safe in a soft winter bag made of natural material.


    Thank you for visiting our store and thank you even more if you decide to buy.